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Here at Younghaus Working Dogs, we have completed the leg work for you and have gone through the expense to gather
semen collections from the Finest KNPV Working Dogs in the World.  Listed below is some of the collections we
have available Stored here at ICSB Oregon.  Go to the STUD DOGS page for information on each individual Stud dog.
Price on each Stud dog varies due to some of them no longer living or amount of availability.
Scroll down to FROZEN SEMEN  page for Price on individual Straws and amount of straws required for 1 breeding.
Please call for the current prices for those dogs that are no longer living.  Keep in mind price will increase as availability becomes less.

Now you have access to breeding directly to the Top Producing  KNPV dogs from Europe.  Being able to have these dogs in the
1st generation of your pedigree will immediately bring much strength to any breeding program.  Transferring of these collections are very simple.  Once you purchase the desired amount of straws from Younghaus Working Dogs, we then complete the Transfer of Ownership Form to your name and email it to ICSB Oregon.  ICSB will then contact you and have you open up an account with them.   Cost to store 30 vials for 1 year is only $79.00.  The straws will then be stored under your account name where you will have it ready for use prior to breeding.  Availability and Price will be based on when straws are purchased.   Keep in mind some of these dogs I have collections from are no longer living,  so once they are all sold they will no longer be available anywhere in the world.

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Elek Van Younghaus

(2 Straws required for breeding)

Sire: Rico Vergossen   BRN 17064
Dam: Nalu                    BRN 19483

BRN# 21568
DOB: October 25, 2012

OWNER: Lewin Chartrand


Elek van Younghaus, 67cms tall and weighs 41kgs, Elek one of The Best Rico Vergossen Son’s, is a very Strong, Dominate Dutch Shepherd who carries himself with a load of presence. Large, substantial bone substance, powerful, strong head with dark pigment. Elek is THE male we’ve all been waiting for a very long time. At a young age Elek showed Intense, Focus and Serious work. Elek is eager in biting, having a full, strong and calm pushing grip by nature. Hunt Drive is Extreme, always ready to work, with a well balanced character and Bullet Proof Nerves. Below is video’s of Elek, tracking his progress from when he was 10 weeks old till now. These video’s show his work as he matured on and off the field and now, we see his offspring (Jiro, Jara and others overseas) we can confirm he is also prepotent in producing all the Excellent qualities he is. Hips and Elbows x-rayed good. Elek is Out of one of our best litters ever (Rico x Nalu) and Now, you can see many video’s showing, his littermates in action below.

Bloodlines, packed with some of the all time Greatest KNPV Working Dogs both Old and New. Rambo Rossum, Pecco Pegge, Arras Derks, Jayder Lobsters Home, Arno Kline, Catro, Marco, Rico Vergossen and Hendrikx, Jary, Rudie, Django, Duco II and many more greats!

Elek has been used for breeding around the world and we are Extremely Proud to have this Excellent dog HERE in our breeding program.


Please contact us for Semen purchase

We already have Semen collections stored Overseas in Australia and

across the United States ready for purchase! 



Ebee van Younghaus (Female)

Rico Vergossen

(2 Straws required for breeding)
Sire: Rico Hendrikx
Dam: Tessa Hendrikx

BRN# 17064
DOB:  March 15, 2007

Rico Vergossen is without doubt, one of the strongest dogs in the KNPV world today. Rico Vergossen has extreme drives super strong nerves, a monster in Bite work with hard and full grips. He is known thought Europe and the world for his hard, extremely high driven character. Rico stands about 67 cms high and weighs 42-45 kgs. The type of dog to handle with respect. Rico is a social dog but dominant with a lot of courage.
The combination that Rico comes from is also known as one of the best ever.

His bloodline is a strong linebreed Duco 2 Seegers, a combination that has been repeated 5 times because of the super dogs this combination reproduced, see for instance Rico (previous, John ter Lindert), Jochie (Chris Race, USA) and Kwinto Doelen. Becuase of the strong linebreed he’s capable of reproducing his character and drives in a very dominant way like his offspring provides. Hips/Elbows/Back x-rayed Good.

A Very Special Thanks to Ed Vergossen for allowing us this opportunity to use Rico’s bloodline in our
breeding program.

Rico Vergossen Puppies

Elek van Younghaus, Male Dutch (Rico x Nalu)

Elek @ 10 weeks, gripwork

Ebee van Younghaus, Female Dutch (Rico x Nalu)

Ebee @ 15 weeks, gripwork Part 1

Ebee @ 15 weeks, Gripwork Part 2

Ebee @ 15 weeks, Gripwork Part 3

See More Video’s on Ebee

Video of 14 week old Rico son in Germany

Sherlock is a puppy from Rico Vergossen.
He was bred by the German police.
The German police have traveled to
Holland a number of times to breed to Rico.
They are extremely happy with his offspring for
Real police work.
Sherlock is having his character assesed to see
if he has what it takes to be a police dog.

Duuk Vergossen

Holiday Discounted!
Ends 01/01/2019
 $2,000.00  $1,500.00 per breeding (includes 2 straws) 

Sire: Rico Vergossen
Dam: Tika Aalders

BRN# 27337
DOB:  August 25, 2012

Duuk Vergossen A Top Son out of Rico Vergossen.
Duuk is 64 cm and about 40 kg.  Super Fast and athletic.  Apport is insane along with Hunting drive and Bitework.
Strong focus on the handler with extreme desire to work.

Duuk’s  bloodline goes back to some greats, Aaron Mokkink, Wibo van Leeuwen, Mido Verbeek, Rico V, Django, Duco II
Rambo Rossum, Jayder L, to name a few.

A Very Special Thanks to Ed Vergossen for allowing us this opportunity to use Duuk’s bloodline in our
breeding program.



Holiday Discounted!
Ends 01/01/2019
$3,500.00  $2,000 per breeding (includes 2 straws)  

Sire: Eros Mi-Ji
Dam: Erlingo ENY

SPKP  3206  Tet.c. 3206
DOB:  April 29, 2011

Dag –  Exceptional Dual purpose Working Dog.  Former Bomb/Patrol dog for NATO Germany.
Substantial bone substance.  Intense Hunting drive and very serious in his bitework.

His bloodline going back to some old Working lines.   Klemm v. Roten Falken,  Stoned v.d. Duvetorre,
Urs v. Lowenfels, Deus Pottois, Arek v. Mecklenburger Buffel, Duvetorre, Master de Alphaville Bohemia, Korzar, Mi-Ji.
A good Outcross bloodline to bring back into Rico and Duco II lines.


Boris Doeze

Holiday Discounted!

Ends 01/01/2019
$1,500.00  $950.00 per breeding (includes 2 straws) 

Sire: Django Doelen
Dam: Boella Doelen

BRN# 16086
DOB:  February 20, 2009


Boris, 65cms tall and weighs 40kgs. Currently the most sought after Dutch Shepherd stud in the KNPV. He has produced very strong off-spring and is also one of the most exciting KNPV dogs to watch in training.

Boris has over the top drive levels, along with Solid nerves and Extreme Hardness. Everyone who see’s Boris knows his Superior quality. Very few handlers are capable of properly handling a dog such as Boris and when its time to work ,
Boris brings everything to the table. A dogs that is For Real in nature more than a sport dog.
Boris is a dog that is always ready, an “any time, any place” kind of dog.

Not only is Boris on the top of the food chain, but he also comes from a litter of quality.

His bloodlines are impressive going back to Django Doelen, Duco II, Arko, Catro and the list goes on. WIth Boris bloodline added, this will give us strong line breeding on some of the most influential KNPV dogs of all time.
Much Thanks to Ad Doeze for allowing us this collection from Boris.


Flappie Vreeken

Holiday Discounted!
Ends 01/01/2019
$1,500.00  $750.00
 per breeding (includes 2 straws)  

Sire: Sam Das
Dam: Demi van Doorn-Nieuwenhuijs

BRN# 12577
DOB: May 16, 2005

PH I 431 (Almere, 24-05-2008)
Geb.datum: 16-05-2005
Medisch 100%: heupen, rug en ellebogen

9e Nationale wedstrijd 10 aug. 2008 Venlo (407, ZS)
4e Nationale lichtwedstrijd 2008 Eindhoven (411, ZW)
1e Kampioenschap Zuid Holland 25 sept. 2008 Ridderkerk (437)
2e Nationale dekreuen wedstrijd 25 okt. 2008 Lunteren (412 ZW)
1e Nationale wedstrijd 14 dec. 2008 Den Helder met (420 ZW)
8e Nationale Lichtwedstrijd 20 dec. 2008 Baarn (410 ZW)
5e Nationale Wedstrijd 8 aug. 2009 Venlo (433)
4e 100-jarig Jubileum/Afdelingskampioenschap NH 2009 (424)

Flappie, A large structure dog who is very direct and expresses intense drives in all areas of his work. A very clever dog but very powerfull and handles much pressure. Super Apport and Search drives. A really workaholic and very clear in the head. Flappie always has a strong and full pushing grip. His frontal attack is very hard as you can see even at the age of 7. Flappie has many trails under his belt and has made his mark in the KNPV arena. Flappies lines goes back to some of the all timeTop KNPV producers, Robby Backhaus, Rocky van Leeuwen, Kimba Wehrens, Pecco Pegge and Arras Derks, Robby Tinnemans – 3,5.

Thank you again Jan van den Berg for allowing Flappie to be a part of our breeding program.


Ivo Iedema

Holiday Discounted!
Ends 01/10/2019
$3,000.00  $1,750.00 per breeding (includes 2 straws)  

Sire: Boy Backhaus
Dam: An Iedema

BRN# 10690
DOB: June 19, 2006


IVO Iedema: KNPV PH 1 Met Lof 438 points. OFA good at 4 1/2 years of age. Elbows normal.
Ivo is a son of Boy Backhaus and An Iedema, one of the most successful combinations in the KNPV in recent years. Ivo is perhaps the most complete working dog we have ever seen. He possesses every trait we look for in a police dog and each of those traits is pronounced. Hunt drive, retrieve drive, environmental stability, agility, athleticism, prey drive, fight drive, power and aggression in the work, full calm powerful grip, strong will to please his handler, easy to train, very social, excellent health. He has been used for breeding many times in Holland and in our own kennel here and always produced strong, social, high drive offspring.


Jary Berghorst

Sire: Bruno Berghorst
Dam: Laika Wensink

BRN# 6004

KNPV Policedog I 428 with honor
Object Guard 354 with honor
5e Dutch Championship object 2007
Winner Nationale te Dalsen 2005
Winner Nationale te Dalsen 2007 (Beste Steller)
Winner Koppeltrial te Heerden 2007
7e Nationale Dekmalestrial 2007 (406, Beste Steller)

Jary, This dog needs no introduction. A medium large dog, compact build with deep dark pigment. He has a very strong and Hard grip. His frontal strikes are explosive and spectacular. He is intense and passionate in his searches. Jary has extreme drive and hardness coupled with solid nerves. Jary has proven himself to be a superior worker on and off the field, as well as a Top producer of both KNPV and Police dogs.

Jary’s bloodline goes back to some of the greatest working dogs of all time. Rambo Rossum, Jayder From Lobsers Home, Marco Linders and Arno Kleine.
Thank you Johan Berghorst for allowing us this collection from Jary.


Cooper Huijs

Holiday Discounted!
Ends 01/01/2019
$3,000.00  $2,000.00 per breeding (Includes 3 Straws)  

Sire: Arno Tricht
Dam: Noeska Kessel

BRN# 9900
DOB:  August 28,2005

Cooper Huijs, PH I 422 CL, who is a well known Security (SWAT) dog in Holland today as well as consistently producing Real time working dogs.  Cooper is Top on the list as an Outstanding producer for Law enforcement and Government related services.  Cooper is especially  known for bringing solid nerves to his offspring as well as strong hunting drives for all areas of detection work.
Special thanks to Ben Huijs for sharing his knowledge and allowing us to have this Outstanding dog in our breeding program.

PH I 422 CL (Valkenswaard, 23-05-2009, Dhr. C. Heeren, Ettenleur)
Geb.datum: 28-08-2005
Daarna Diensthond Politie Breda
Voorheen van: Dhr. Ben Huijs, Baarlo

Cooper BRN 9900 PH1 422 CL,
a Dutch SWAT Police dog, now stud dog, by father Arno, a Certified Surveillance Police Dog serving the Netherlands, out of mother Noeska PH1. Cooper consistently
produces real, driven, working dogs for law enforcement and government with high hunt drive and solid nerves. Social, but only for a very experienced handler. Cooper’s super pedigree reaches back to the near beginning of Bloedlijnen, with BRN numbers in the double digits, including Arco Perle de Tourbiere PH1, PH2, KNPV cert met lof, a favoritefor breeders of Ring, IPO, and KNPV that required real dogs. Cooper is a grandson of Duco II, known producer of tough and hard police dogs who produced 37 KNPV certified dogs and 2 IPO. The Duco II legacy demonstrates the dominant power of  this line, producing top level, healthy, high drive working dogs and influential studs  generation after generation such as: Rico ((Vergossen) (deceased)), Kwinto PH1
(deceased)), Rico ((Hendrikx) PH1 (deceased)), Rico (te Lindert) PH1 (deceased), Max (Weber) PH1, Obj (deceased), DjangoPH1, PH2 (deceased), Tommy Luijken PH1 404 Met Lof (deceased).


Cody II Huijs

Holiday Discounted!
Ends 01/01/2019
$2,500.00  $1,500.00 per breeding (includes 2 straws)  

Sire: Cody Huijs  BRN 2621
Dam: Donja Maat  BRN 6127

BRN # 23379
DOB: August 15, 2010

x Mechelse Herder Reu

PH I 392 CL (Horst, 27-07-2014)
Geb.datum: 15-08-2010

Aantal geregistreerde nesten: 2
Aantal geregistreerde broers en zussen: 10, waarvan 6 KNPV en 0 IPO gecertificeerd
Aantal nakomelingen: 2, waarvan 0 KNPV en 0 IPO gecertificeerd

Cody II, Fantastic dog in all his work.  Cody II is a very complete dog. Rock Solid nerves works anywhere anytime. Very methodical and Intense in his Hunting drive.  Outstanding in his grip work very Hard and always full bite. Ben felt he was that Outstanding to also carry the name Cody!  His father Cody Huijs has produced 60+ KNPV titled dogs, more then any other dog.  Cody II has a Solid pedigree, both the Sire and Dam’s side are loaded with many Top dogs such as Marco and Remco Linders,  Bart Haan, Pico Jaanen, Tepke Jaanen, Kim Oberje and Oscar Berkelaar to name a few. An Excellent addition to any breeding program.

Ranger Vergossen

Holiday Discounted!
Ends 01/01/2019

$4,000.00  $2,750 per breeding (includes 2 straws)  

Sire: Rico Vergossen BRN 17064
Dam: Sasja Vergossen BRN 13357

BRN# 24838

Ranger, One of the BEST sons of Rico Vergossen.  This is no play doggie.  Very Hard and Extreme at a very young age.  Strong Apporting on a metal pipe, with very hard gripping on the Bite Suit. How he handles the amount of punishment he takes in his work is not often seen. Ranger is out of Ed’s Top two, Best Producing dogs, Rico and Sasja Vergossen. Ranger is Linebred Django 3-2 and Duco II 3,5-4, Rambo Rossum 7-5 with Arras Derks, Pecco Pegge and Rico Vergossen added to the list.  Combining both the bloodlines from the Past and the Future.  Those knowledgable in the KNPV Working Bloodlines know that these are the Go To Dogs that have the most consistency in producing a complete working dog.  Ranger is a close line breeding on Duco and would be an excellent outcross to other lines.


Holiday Discounted!
Ends 01/01/2019
$1,500.00  $750.00 per breeding  

Sire: Arko
Dam: Truusje


BRN# 19482
DOB: July 5, 2008
Sire: Arko Kikkert, Suttle    Dam: Truusje Suttle

Storm, an Outstanding Arko Kikkert, Suttle x Truusje Son… He has EXTREME ball, toy, food, hunt drive. Storm has intense and fast obedience. Strong serious defense.  Storm strikes like a bullet train and has full and hard grips. Storm has solid environmental nerves. He is very social and works well on slick floors, in crowds, etc.  Storm has the ablility to turn on and off when not at work.  He is OFA Excellent Hips & Normal Elbows.
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