Jara van Younghaus

Sire: Elek van Younghaus   BRN 21568
Dam: Gypsy van Younghaus  BRN 23572

BRN: 26663

DOB: April 28, 2015

Chip # 911001001399056

Jara,  A fine product from two of our top Producing Working Dogs, Elek van Younghaus  x Gypsy van Younghaus.  Direct Son and Daughter from Rico Vergossen over Boris Doeze has proven to be a very nice combination.  Jara is well proportioned with very nice structure. Jara has solid nerves and showing Strong working drives in all phases of work.  She carries herself with much confidence in all situations.  Jara has been gripping the hard sleeve and upper arm sleeve at a very young age.  Grip is always strong and calm. Ball, Tug, Copper pipe it doesnt make a difference, drive is exceptional for anything.   Outstanding candidate for Detection work with endless Retrieve and Hunting drives.  Hips and Elbows x-rayed good.  Jara has an excellent KNPV pedigree loaded with many other Top Producing KNPV Working dogs of all time starting from the First Generation. We are extremly proud to add Jara to our breeding program.


Ebee van Younghaus

Ebee van Younghaus (click name to view bloodline)

Sire: Rico Vergossen BRN 17064
Nalu  BRN 19483

BRN 21569

DOB:  October 25, 2012

Ebee is a confident dominate female with excellent environmental nerves. Super Rico Vergossen daughter and Sister to Elek, Pantera, Evro one of our best litters produced. Steady, with a good balanced character combined with perfect drives. Handles alot of pressure and very Hard in her work. We’ve been waiting for this combination for a very long time. Strong and serioius Guarding. Ebee is intense in her bite work, having a full steady and calm pushing grip. Ebee is shown in our videos below gripping a Hard sleeve at 15 weeks old. Ebee will be one of our foundation females of this new generation.

Bloodlines, packed with some of the all time Greatest KNPV Working Dogs both Old and New. Rambo Rossum, Pecco Pegge, Arras Derks, Jayder Lobsters Home, Arno Kline, Catro, Marco, Rico Vergossen and Hendrikx, Jary, Rudie, Django, Duco II and many more greats!

We are very excited to add this Outstanding Female to our future breeding program.

Hemi van Younghaus


Sire: Flappie Vreeken BRN 12577
Dam: Flora BRN 20842

BRN 24837

DOB:  July 8, 2014

Hemi, we are very fortunate to have produced such an Outstanding Dutch Shepherd with the Beauty, Nerves and Drives to match.  Very fast in her work.  Strong drives for all toys.  Grips are full hard with alot of fight. Hemi has Sound environmental Nerves, take her anywhere and she is ready to work.  Hemi comes from well respected bloodlines (Cooper, Rocky vL. Robby bh, Kimba Wehrens, Chico, Arras, Duco II, Pecco P,   Robbie T)  that compliment every aspect of her work. Hips and Elbows x-rayed good.  We are very excited to add Hemi to our breeding program and look foward to seeing more her her in the near future.

Iggy van Younghaus


Sire: Ranger Vergossen BRN 24838
Dam: Nalu BRN 19483

BRN 24839

DOB:  July 26, 2014

Iggy, this is Rangers first litter and we are very pleased with what he has produced for us. Iggy is medium size Intense, Bullet Fast, Agile. Hardness, Drive, Drive and more Drive. Intense desire for any toy. Full and Hard grips on the sleeve and suit at a very young age. Hunting drive one of the highest I’ve seen in a very long time. High drive for the cooper pipe. Jammed Pack with some of the all time Great producers.Hips and Elbows x-rayed good. Another exciting addition to our future breeding program.

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