Maintenance Training

Cost of training:(monthly)
Number of sessions:  4 sessions
Each session: 45 min.
Training Sessions: Weekly, On going, By Appointment

This class is for handlers who have already completed their Basic Obedience and would like to continue working their dogs on a regular basis under instruction.  These classes will help to maintain and improve your training skills as well as improving your dogs work.  Customize your  training sessions, enjoy it as a hobby!

Beyond Advanced

Cost of training: (monthly)
Number of Sessions:  4 sessions
Each Session: 45 min.
Training Sessions: Weekly, On going, By Appointment

These are on going classes that will challenge your dog to do exercises combining, Advanced Obedience work,
Theatrics and Agility. Things you can teach your dog is only limited to your imagination. Using their instinctive play,
prey or food drives to motivate your dogs to perform their obedience in a more animated and spirited way.  An excellent way for
both you and your dog to get physical, mental exercise and have fun.

AKC Obedience

Cost of training:  (monthly)
Number of  Sessions: 4 sessions
Each Session: 45 min.
Training Sessions: Weekly, On going, By Appointment

This class is geared towards those interested in participating in AKC Obedience trials. Working the dogs in all areas
of AKC Obedience CGC, CD, CDX and UD. Using positive motivational work, we take apart each exercise so that they have a clear understanding what is expected of them and learn to perform each command with precision. The overall picture we are looking for in this kind of work is a much more animated and spirited performance.  We work out doors but also have a covered area if it decides to rain. Bring rain gear, tennis shoes and water for your dogs.  We provide a full supply of quality training equipment at a very good price.


Cost of training: Consult
Training Sessions: Consult

Schutzhund is a Sport that evaluates a dog in Tracking, Obedience and Protection. On going Schutzhund classes preparing your dog for Schutzhund Trials which have been held once a year here in Hilo, Hawaii since 1993. Judges
from around the world have come here to Hilo to Judge our yearly Schutzhund events.

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