Since 1992 “Younghaus”
is a registered kennel with USA, as well as a registered Tattooer. We have proudly produced over 100 wonderful litters of working puppies.  Specializing in the breeding of KNPV Working dogs.  Prior to breeding, we look very carefully to find the right combination out of pure working lines. A combination of both Genotype and Phenotype of both parents as well as hours of research on the pedigrees of both parents, help us to make the proper selection.
We start our puppies with their training at 3 days of age by being introduced to Bio-Sensor Stressing and human interaction. The Bio-Sensor Stressing continues everyday to day 18. Starting day 10 when the puppies eyes and ears are beginning to open, they are exposed to many noises and visual stimulants.  Around day 21 they are introduced to a number of small obstacles that must be negotiated each day to reach their food bowls. They begin to climb up and down small stairs, cross “cat walks,” walking over wobble boards and slippery surfaces.
In addition to the normal daily monitoring among littermates, we also individually test them at 6, 7 and 8 weeks of age. Keeping a record of levels of Pack, Prey, Food, Retrieve, Hunting, and Fight drives. We also test and evaluate levels of Social, Elevation Dominance, Touch, Sound sensitivity and the desire to pick up objects of different textures. Our puppies are hand raised around children, adults and are exposed to a variety of sights and sounds of the city. They may also swim in and experience our beautiful Hawaiian waters. We then review our records to select the right pup for your needs!